Love & War Update

Love & War

We’re beginning our 3rd week of the 40 day devotional challenge today.  I hope you’ve been able to keep up.  I like this book!  Last week we were challenged to think about the responsibilities of marriage.  Last week the devotionals were focused on “The Two Shall Become One” and right away on day 1 of week 2 we read “In marriage we are entrusted with the heart of another human being.”  Whatever our great purpose or passion in this life might be, taking care of the heart next to ours will ALWAYS be a part of that great work.  Don’t you just love that?  And then on day two there was another statement that said, “Marriage is going to ask everything of you, and that is why you must have a vision for it.”  Wow!  That’s good stuff.  As we got to day 5 we found out that marriage is a divine conspiracy with a divine intention we discover through those divine disruptions along the way.  Give it a think!

Pastor Mike

From the kitchen table

I do a lot of my praying and pondering at the kitchen table.  I also enjoyed spending time with my kids as they grew up around the kitchen table.  A lot of things happened in us and with us while we sat around the table catching up with each other and talking about Jesus and His word together.  I guess I’m just pulling out a chair and inviting you to join me around the kitchen table.