Last week we began the 40 day devotional journey through the book by John & Staci Eldredge called “Love & War”.  One of the things I like about this book is that it deals with the “why” of marriage and not just the “what”.  It’s in getting the why that we can move to the what.  A lot of us are out there trying to do what is needed but failing because we don’t know the why.  And then on top of that, we find out the what from others who don’t know the why either and the whole thing sends us down a road of selfish frustration, foolishness and failure.

During the first week of devotions we were challenged to get a revelation about marriage so that we could get a break from trying to rationalize everything we say and do.  God has a plan for us in marriage and it’s to reveal His person, passion, perspective and patience to us through us.

So the first day starts with “Romance Meets Reality” and I love this statement.  “Marriage is fabulously hard.”  We need God!  We both do!  Start there.  In day 2 we were introduced to the fact that our romance will meet reality sooner than we think.  Don’t lose heart.  Anything worth having is worth working for.  Uncover what you want in a marriage relationship.  Talk about it with each other.  Pray for it together.  On day 3 we were introduced to the “Glorious Difficulty” that marriage is.  It’s glorious because if we will let God do His work in our lives through our marriage it’s going to be glorious.  It’s difficult because if we let God do His work in our lives through our marriage we’re going to have to deal with our issues.  LISTEN!  God’s passion for you and I is that we win in life and love and for that to happen he is going to have to take a few things out of our heads, hearts and hands.  Day 4  we found out that marriage is central.  The Bible begins and ends with marriage and through marriage God has chosen to reveal love in and to this world.  Love is the one identifying characteristic of God.  What if that was true for us too?   And that leads us to Day 5 and “The Larger Story”.  God created marriage as a living, breathing portrait laid out before the eyes of the world so that all may see the story of the ages.  God loves each and everyone of us.

This week we will deal more with the responsibility of marriage.

God Bless & Have a great week

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