We were in Luke 11 last Sunday picking up on a day in the life of Jesus.  It all began with prayer & devotions with the disciples before moving to an exorcism at the coffee shop (my interpretation) where Jesus was accused of being the devil himself.  At that point Jesus did a little teaching on demons and how they get into your house before this woman yells out “Blessed is the woman who birthed you into this world.”  (That’s my interpretation too.)  So then, before he’s invited to the Pharisee’s house for supper people demand a sign to prove that Jesus is God or at least a man of God.  I’m kind of glad we don’t do that to preachers but then maybe we should.  Jesus then says, it’s an evil generation that demands a sign.  SIGNS ARE A POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR SOMETHING REAL, FOR SOMETHING THAT WORKS.  People who are seeking something real, something that works, don’t want a sign, they want something that works and makes life work. 

Jesus then has this thing that he shares about the eye.  If the eye is good the whole body is healthy and if not, the whole body is dark or sick or unhealthy.  When the eye is good the WHOLE body is full of light.  This isn’t just about feeling sick to your stomach, it’s about being well spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Jesus is talking about “light”.  Isaiah said that Jesus would be the light.  John said Jesus is the light of the world.  Jesus said He was the light of the world and believers who are followers of Jesus know that Jesus will always be the light of the world.  Well, all this happened and then the Pharisees invite Jesus over for supper to talk about, you guessed it, the dark.  Amazing.

Here’s the deal.  I think God is tweeting out to us this message.  #lovethelight.  Why?  Because if we don’t love the light we won’t let the light illuminate our whole body or life.  We don’t turn on lights that we don’t like.  By the way, if you and I don’t love the game, we will quit.  We don’t lay down our lives and take up crosses if we don’t love what we’re living for in this life.  Right?  Believers are people who not only believe that Jesus is the light but they love the light He is for them and for the world.  We need to “love” the light of Jesus.  We have to want a life that works and fall in love with that light.  Why?  Because if you don’t love the game you’ll quit in the 5 inning or 3rd quarter or halfway through the race.  We have got to love the life that Jesus gives us or we will turn off His light in our lives.

So here’s the message, #lovethelight!

Pastor Mike

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