Follow the Star Day 2

Follow the Star Devotional Day 2
Hope Shines in the Darkness

The people living in darkness have seen a great light
Matthew 4:16

The devotional for today takes us to an uncomfortable place. Darkness can have a bright spot in finding the help and healing we all need. A true change requires a true confess. Again, one of the first things we learn in recovery and healing is that we can no longer live our lives in denial of the darkness. Those who refuse to look at the darkness are never able to recognize the light.

One example the devotional gave us today is the effect the daily headlines have on our lives. We can let the news stir up anger, fear, hopelessness and despair or we can let the news show us just how dark the world has become. People need light. People need a life that works. But if we refuse to honestly go to that dark place we will probable never see our need for a light on life. So, what happens is that we deal with everything but the darkness. It’s like choosing to walk though the kitchen blindly and carefully rather than just turning on the lights.

The darkness can serve a good purpose if we choose to step into that darkness so that we can see the light. We don’t have to live in rebellion to see the light, we just need to be honest about the darkness that is in our lives. From that point we can see that we need help and look for some light on how to live this life.

You know what? Darkness cannot shut out the light. It doesn’t have the power to do so. And you know what else? God’s light shines in the darkest darkness and that light gives us hope of a life that works. That star the wise men followed offered the world the light of hope for a life that works in a world that wasn’t working so well.

God’s light will always bring us hope in a world where darkness seems to rule the day. Darkness cannot hold back the light. And the light of Jesus will always bring us hope of a life that works in a world that doesn’t because it lives in darkness. Follow the star!

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