Follow the Star Day 9

Follow the Star Devotional Day 9
The Gift of Love
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change…
James 1:17
The devotional this morning said, “In the midst of a world that is constantly changing and shifting under our feet, in the midst of hurt and distrust created by people in our lives who have broken promises, God offers us the perfect gift of love: the unexpected arrival of a baby who changes our world and our hearts for eternity.”
Have you ever thought about loves abilities and liabilities? Love has abilities and it has liabilities, but those abilities and liabilities lie in the heart of the giver, not the gift. Mature love remains true, it does not change to lust or lies. The immature lover promises hope that he/she cannot give. But God’s love does not change. We see in Jesus, who was the gift of love, a love that only became bigger and better as He lived and died and rose from the dead for us. God loves you and His love is true. Do you see that too?

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