Follow the Star Day 12

Follow the Star Devotional Day 12
Deep Love
I pray that you, being rooted & established in love, may have power…to know this love that surpasses knowledge
Eph 3:17-19
Here is something that ONLY the believer can know. This isn’t just knowing about, it’s knowing within. There is a point in this Christian life where the follower not only knows about God’s love, but he/she is experienced in God’s love. That only belongs to those who continue to walk toward the life of Jesus by walking in the love of Jesus. There is a love that surpasses knowledge. That’s the love that brought the Son of God to earth. That’s the love that led Jesus to the cross for you and me. That’s the love that weathers the storm and touches the blind, broken and the beggar. It’s a love that surpasses the intellect and intuition of man to expect, to express and to experience the love of God. A love that surpasses anything that we can even imagine. That is the love of God. What do you think? What does that mean to you or for you?

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