Follow the Star Day 18

Follow the Star Devotional Day 18
Joy & Worship
When they saw the star, they were overjoyed… and worshiped Him
Matthew 2:10-11
This devotional today makes me ask, “How do you know when you have joy?” Well, we can feel it I’m sure. But joy isn’t always a feeling thing, it’s a knowing thing. Whatever it is I believe it causes us to worship or to honor the person who gives us joy. This is kind of a funny part of this story because the wise men are following the star when they kind of make a right turn and go to King Herod’s. Why? They were following the star and the star was leading them. They come from of Herod’s place and see the star again and are overjoyed. It doesn’t seem like Herod had brought them much joy. But they see the star and follow its light to the Son of God, the person & promise of their joy and they worship Him. Joy will cause our hearts to worship. Isn’t that the truth? If there is no worship does that mean that there is no joy?

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