Eternity Day 12

Driven by Eternity                                                                                                                    DAY 12


“On the day of judgment many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, don’t you remember us? Didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we cast out demons and do many miracles for the sake of your name?’ But I will have to say to them, ‘Go away from me, you lawless rebels! I’ve never been joined to you!’”                                                                         (Matthew 7:22–23 TPT)


None of us wants to be a Judas.  Think about it.  Judas was one of the disciples of Jesus who roamed the countryside preaching the gospel, casting out demons and performing miracles and yet he betrayed Jesus.  How does that happen?  It happens when we settle for a believing in Jesus and not on Jesus.  It was Jesus who said there would be those who call Him Lord, Lord and prophesied and performed miracles in His name and yet would be unknown to Him.  Believing leads to behaving.


John Bevere writes today, “Judas’ problem was that his relationship with Jesus was self-focused, aimed at promoting himself. A true relationship with Jesus must be focused on love. We know from Scripture, “But if anyone loves God, this one is known by Him” (1 Corinthians 8:3).  Loving God genuinely and unselfishly, being motivated to please Him, is how we become known by Him.”


Are we motivated by the love of God, for God from God?  Or do we just like the idea of there being a God?

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