40 Days to Lasting Change

Day 1

Seeking AHA

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.              Psalm 119:18

I love witnessing AHA. I see it almost every weekend at the church where I serve. I listen to people as they tell about the spiritual awakening they have experienced. In that moment there was a beautiful collision. At just the right time, a person’s life collides with God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, and everything changes.  (Idleman, Kyle. 40 Days to Lasting Change: An AHA Challenge (p. 19). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition.)

Today I’m reminded that God gave me eyes to see and if I’m willing He will bring honesty out of the haze.  Things will begin to appear that have been obscured in my past by the haze created in my world of fears, frustrations, and foolishness.  God wants me to see.  His word says I will see (Heb 4:12) and His work enables me to see (1 Cor 2:12) but He waits for us to want to see.  God comes asking us, “Where are you?”  What a great image of how God comes to us, not with a judgmental attitude but a sincere and caring heart.  “Where are you?”  And if we are willing to see our true situation we can find ourselves back on the farm (the Prodigal Son) and back in His space (Matthew 11:28).  God has made me to see.  I’m not made to live in deception and death.  It can be scary to see the truth, but God is with me and His plans for me are good.  I can’t be afraid to see the truth or I’ll miss the dance of this life with Jesus.  And it all begins by asking God to open my eyes.  The author writes, “Lasting change requires aha moments.”  That’s so true.

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