40 Days of Lasting Change Day 10

40 Days to Lasting Change                                                                                   Day 10

Escaping the Country of the Blind

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.        Psalm 119:18

We live in the country of the blind. We experience an awakening. God opens our eyes. We’re able to see, but it doesn’t take long to realize that there are people all around us who think we really need to be cured of our sight. We come to church on weekends, and our eyes are opened, and conviction comes in our hearts. We know God has spoken to us, but Monday comes, and we find ourselves back in the country of the blind. Everyone thinks we’re a little bit crazy; we’ve taken this too far, and what would really be best is if we would go back to being blind.  This is where we live. And we must continually open our eyes. We must refocus on the heights above and press toward the beauty where God wants to draw us. We must continue to pray David’s prayer, that God would open our eyes—each day—so that we might see what God wants us to see even in this country of the blind.  (Idleman, Kyle. 40 Days to Lasting Change: An AHA Challenge (p. 78). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition.)


I love this illustration of living in the country of the blind because it’s so true.  We get the light of Jesus when we receive the love of Jesus and it seems like most of those around us want to pluck our eyes out so that we can live like they do.  Jesus is the light of the world.  We were meant to see, believe, and hope.  We can’t let the blind make us blind too.  Keep walking, climb the mountains, breath the fresh air and take in the beauty of this life.  I know, not everyone will come with us and it’s hard, especially when the people we are closest to ridicule and reject us.  However, we will never bring them to the light by letting them poke our eyes out.  Keep walking, it’s a beautiful life.

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