40 Days of Lasting Change Day 15

40 Days to Lasting Change                                                                                   Day 15

Loving All Kinds

“Blessed are the poor.”—Matthew 5:3

When some read the Sermon on the Mount all they can think of is the word “demand” and its noisy chaser “obedience.” But if Jesus teaches us that the essence of all of God’s demands and the face of all our obedience is loving God and loving others—the Jesus Creed as taught in Mark 12:28–32—then even the Sermon on the Mount expresses a discipleship fired by love for God and love for others.  (Mcknight, Scot. 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed (Kindle Locations 782-787). Paraclete Press. Kindle Edition.)

I like this question raised in the devotional today, “What are you known for?”  Jesus loves people who love people.  The sermon on the mount is a calling to obey, not share our opinion on.  God’s loves people who love people and God’s people are to be people who love people.  That’s what they are to be known for!  But love flows from love.  When we know that we are loved we can risk loving others.  Maybe the question is, “Do you know that you’re loved?”  What do you think?

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