Saturday, august 10, 2019

Day 10 from the Kitchen Table

Acts 26:19

I have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision

These are Paul’s word to King Agrippa as he gives a defense for the life he has lived.  There’s something we need to realize.  There are various visions of life.  Some come from here (this world) but one comes from heaven.  You’ve been given a divine vision from heaven and it’s a destiny that involves a decision.  This heavenly vision and life require a decision of dedication to Christ.  That’s first.  Facing chains, Paul features Christ in his defense.  Jesus is the reason because Jesus is the source of his love, his life, and his light.  When Jesus is at the center of our lives there is not a need for any other explanations or excuses.  But this heavenly life is not merely a religious disposition, it is a real destiny for those who have decided to follow Jesus.  If we make Jesus the center of our lives, there will be no need for any other conversations to clear our name.  But, this destiny will require a decision to dedicate this day and this life to Him.

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