Tuesday, January 2, 2020

Kitchen Table      2020

Day 2

Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom              Psalm 90:12

The best way to start this day is to begin this day with the Maker of this day.  This day was planned and created with us in mind.  When we recognize who made this day we can realize how to use this day.  God gave us this day for our pleasure and His purpose.  Wisdom understands that the One who made this day can give us what we need for this day.  The psalmist goes on to pray, teach us, satisfy us, make us glad, let us see your hand in this day and let us live in your favor this day, establishing your will and work in our lives this day.  God has planned and given us so many days to live this life and His help to make the most of it if we want Him to do so.

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