Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020

The Kitchen Table

Day 7

By faith he left Egypt, not being afraid of the anger of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is invisible. By faith he kept the Passover and sprinkled the blood, so that the Destroyer of the firstborn might not touch them.             Hebrews 11:27-29

There’s something about living this life with someone that makes a huge difference in our lives. That presence, that partnership, has a way of deflating our fears.  Moses was chased out of Egypt in fear but walked back in by faith and friendship with God.  The Bible says that he walked back in not being afraid.  By faith he lived with God and for God and the Bible says that the Destroyer could not touch them.  Let me tell you something, this life isn’t meant to be lived alone.  Relationships are God’s idea and we find the resources we have in this life in the relationship we make in this life.  Friendships fight fear, they just do.  So many think they can live this life on their own but that’s not God’s idea, that’s their idea.  Church is a God idea.  Marriage is a God idea.  Family is a God idea.  Want to defeat fear and foolishness in this life?  Develop your relationship with God and His people who will help you live by faith.  Get involved with God and His church and watch God change your fear to faith.

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