Friday, January 17, 2020

The Kitchen Table  Day 11

Text:  Psalm 40:1-11; Genesis 27:30-38; Acts 1:1-5

But you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit…  Acts 1:5

There is a blessing that comes to those who believe.  That blessing is the promise of position, power, privilege and prosperity.  That blessing is connected to believing.  In the Old Testament, Jacob believed in it and stole it from Esau by deceiving his father Isaac.  It all sounds so wrong, but Esau took it for granted and Jacob took it to heart.  Isaac could pass the blessing down to one, but Jesus passes the blessing to all who believe.  That blessing comes with the presence, power, privilege and passion of God and we all need that promise.  Believe in a way that causes you to behave, want and wait for this blessing of God’s presence, the Holy Spirit.  He will set you apart and set you up to live in heaven.  The Holy Spirit comes from heaven and He brings heaven with Him.  Believe and behave today, wanting and waiting for the Holy Spirit’s counsel, care and capabilities.  It’s a blessing!

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