Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Kitchen Table               Day 13

Today’s Reading:     Isaiah 53:1-12; Hebrews 10:1-13

He to the punishment and that made us whole…          Is 53:5 msg

Remember this!  Jesus took it outside to deal with everything that was wrong on the inside so that we might be saved, changed, and healed on the inside to be different on the outside.  Jesus didn’t just die for what sin did, He died for what makes sin live, a deceived, damaged, and dying heart.  He faced on the outside all the evil and anger and wickedness that can come out of a man to heal what is damaged, deceived and dying on the inside of a man.  And He did that to  heal us on the inside to be whole on the outside.  He took the fight outside to give us the fix on the inside.  Only the love and life of Jesus can fix what’s wrong on the inside to make us right on the outside.

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