Monday, February 10. 2020

The Kitchen Table Day 24

Today’s Reading:  Ps 119:105-112; 2 Kings 22:3-20; Rom 11:2-10

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

Psalm 119:105

Never underestimate the power of God’s word over your life, in your life and for your life.  In Romans we can begin to see that standing wordless and stand witless, our own table becomes a trap for our souls.  Blind, we don’t understand the need for light to have life.  Josiah, while rebuilding the temple comes across God’s law, God’s word for God’s people.  Stopping everything he repents, receives and responds to God’s word.  You can’t rebuild your temple without His truth.  God’s word runs in front of God’s work.  Don’t find yourself witless because you’re wordless.  God’s word will not only cover us, it will clear a way for us to live in His love.

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