Monday, February 24, 2020

The Kitchen Table            Day 26

Today’s Reading:  Ps 78:17-20, 52-55; Ex 33:7-23; Acts 7:30-34

He struck the rock so that water gushed out  Ps 78:20

Don’t be afraid of adversity, it’s the first step to advancement.  God is advancing His cause in us and through us, adversity prepares us for the journey.  In the story of Moses, the adversity grew before the advancement gained ground.  Our enemy doesn’t want us living in God’s promises and sometimes we become content with the promise rather than in the promise.  Adversity is the opportunity for us to see our need and for us to see God meet our needs.  Moses’ parents were in the midst of adversity when they saved Moses’ life.  Moses and the nation were in desperate times when God brought water from the rock that made streams in the desert.  But adversity, if you let it, will adjust our self-reliant attitude and cause us to look for God’s saving ability in the face of our enemy.  Don’t be afraid of adversity, look to Him with the ability to advance us into His promises.

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