Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Kitchen Table    Day 89

Today’s Reading:  Ps 100, Jer 23:1-8; Mt 20:17-28

But whoever would be great among you must be your servant.

Mt 20:26Hidden motives stir the water.  Once again, the waters get muddied when the mission becomes about us rather than all of us.  Jesus was crystal clear in His mission and ministry, no hidden agenda, just love and life.  God had prophesied that this leader would bring people home and that would be His heart.  James & John couldn’t resist and neither can we, especially when we believe with all our hearts in the mission and ministry.  They wanted a position, besides, that’s where the decisions are made, that’s where you can really make a difference.  Control!  The kingdom of darkness is always about control.  The kingdom of light, of God, is always about service.  Hidden motives muddy the water and even though we struggle to be like Jesus, God can use us best when our mission and ministry are about Him, not ourselves.  Be honest today with yourself about yourself and give God the glory.

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