The Kitchen Table            Philippians Day 24

But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead…            Philippians 3:13

There’s one thing we do as believers, we leave the past behind us and we can, because Jesus has forgiven us.  But we leave behind more than our wrong acts, we leave behind our wrong thinking, talking and seeing.  Jesus has made us His own and now we are free to think, talk, and travel through this life with Him and like Him.  Oh, it takes some effort, that why we find ourselves straining.  Old habits die hard, they say.  Don’t just want to leave the ways of this world, want the ways, wants and wonders of Jesus.  Let His life become your bent.  We bend towards those things we want but that’s another lesson.  Here’s the thing:  Jesus empowers us to walk away from the power of our past and that is good.

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