Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Kitchen Table            Philippians Day 36

Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble. Philippians 4:14

Call it what it is when someone shares with you, kindness.  It was kind.  It was beautiful how they blessed you in your trouble.  Name it!  Recognize it!  Don’t let it just slip about.  God has done something in you and around you to accomplish His will for you and through you.  One of the greatest things we do to defeat the devil is to thank God for His help and thank the person He worked through to help you.  Don’t just say thank you, say thank you for…  Recognize what God has done and who He did it with.  Personal thanks inspires growth in us and in them.  Personal thanksgiving nails down the victory and declares heaven in the here and now.  It was kind for you to share in my… Do it!

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