Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mark Day 38

Read Mark 13:14-23

And then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘Look, there he is!’ do not believe it. 22 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and perform signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect. 23 But be on guard; I have told you all things beforehand. Mark 13:21-23

We cannot see according to the flesh but see according to our faith. That’s why Jesus told us what is to come. If we believe in Him and if we believe Him, will see His word as true and come true. There is going to be a battle for souls and there will come judgment on all sin. Be on your guard. The enemy will try to persuade us otherwise. Things will happen that will even tempt the “elect”, the mature in Christ, to believe otherwise. Be on your guard. We stay on our guard by believing and trusting in His word. The devil is defeated but he is not dead and he is working to deceive the hearts of man. Using crisis and counterfeit, he will be working to take as many people down with him as he can. Remember what Jesus said in the here and now as well as for the then and there. He always tells His people what is coming. He prophesied His death and resurrection, which happened. He prophesied the fall and judgment of Jerusalem, which happen. And He has prophesied His second coming which will be in the clouds and it’s happening. Keep your eyes peeled by keeping your faith prominent.

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