Monday, June 21, 2021

The Game of Life  Day 11

Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?

Luke 6:46

There’s another word that we need to understand before we head out the door, volition.  Volition is a decision or choice made by the will.  Here’s what we need to understand.  No one else is responsible for our decisions other than us.  We are and will be responsible for the decision we make in life.  The life we are living right now is the one we have chosen.

Each on of us is responsible for the choices and decisions we make along the way.  And the truth is that our trust is in what or who we trust and even that is our choice.  We all get to chose who or what we trust and turn to in life.  God gave us that privilege and He gave us His word to chose for our lives.  That has always been the case with God in this life.  He wants us to chose Him and He chose us and demonstrated His love for us so that we might believe in and chose Him as our source of truth to trust. 

Jesus basically asks, “Why do lie?”  Why do we call Him Lord and not do what He tells us?  Well, it’s a faith and trust issue but it’s something we all do along the way.  And until we get honest with ourselves, we are going to struggle with being responsible for the lives we choose of our own volition.  Each of us is building a house or a life of our own volition and because we don’t know everything, we must choose who we are going to believe and trust.  Remember, it’s our choice, be honest about it and choose wisely!

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