Follow the Star Day 23

Follow the Star Devotional Day 23
Peace Is a Gift
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. John 14:27
We really do like to barter deals in this life and especially so with God. That’s how we do business and we want God to do business that way with us. Well, because we don’t always like to do life the way Jesus did and does we barter and end up wondering why we can’t get hold of this precious present by what we bring into the relationship. But peace is a gift from God that cannot be earned, only received. God never takes it away even though we feel like He does when we turn away. God will not do business our way, only His way. The peace of His presence is always there for those who will turn around and just look at Him. Peace is a gift from God that gives peace to those who will believe in Him and on Him in this life. Any thought?

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