Eternity Day 38

Driven by Eternity                 DAY 38


But you know…how I live, and what my purpose in life is. You know my faith and how long I have suffered. You know my love and my patient endurance. (2 Timothy 3:10 NLT)

Our faithfulness—what God will base His eternal judgment on—includes every area of life, including how we live and daily treat those around us. (John Bevere)

John Bevere brings up a topic that we easily forget about in a world that demands that we are treated right.  It’s not that anyone should be treated wrong or bad but for the believer, there is more at stake than being treated right.  The believer lives for heaven and knows that resentment and remorse keep him/her tied here.  But resent and remorse also keep those around us tied here.  The believer lives today for tomorrow believing God for now and then.  We have bigger fish to fry and forgiveness is about fishing for bigger fish, greater rewards, in this life and in eternity for us and for those around us.  The faithful believer is willing to suffer for salvation in their lives, the lives of those around them and for life now and then.  Our purpose is His, not ours!

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