From the Kitchen Table

Victorious Living Day 16

But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.”          2 Timothy 2:19

The vision and values of God never change; we can count on that fact.  The earth shifts and opinions swerve but God’s word, work and will stays put.  Those values and that vision don’t have to change, the Creator of live knows who life works and He knew what He was doing when He created life.  The created don’t know what the Creator does except He tells them.  Those who hold to Him and His word stand the storm, endure the evil, correct their opponents and lead them to the truth. (2 Timothy 2:24-25)  God’s voice, vision and values are our firm foundation and those who stand on these things will not fail nor fall.  The Lord knows those who are His and He will not deny His word or His own.  Let that be our confidence today.

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